March Mostra/Meet the Artists…Georges Audet


BSRR, The British School Room at Rome, 2015.

Georges Audet’s (Québec Resident January–March 2015) practice, which focuses on formal language and methods, is primarily informed by the disciplines of sculpture and architecture. In his work, he explores and represents the worlds of legends, myths, archetypes and heraldry, as well as those of imaginary and improbable architectures.

Concentrandosi sul linguaggio e sui metodi formali, il lavoro di Georges Audet (Québec Resident gennaio–marzo 2015) si basa soprattutto sulle discipline della scultura e dell’architettura. Con il suo lavoro l’artista esplora e rappresenta i diversi mondi delle leggende, dei miti, degli archetipi e dell’araldica, così come quelli delle architetture fantastiche e improbabili.

Georges Audet, Photo: Antonio Palmieri

Georges Audet, Photo: Antonio Palmieri

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