Sainsbury Scholar Anna Brass at ‘Una Vetrina’

On Thursday 11 April Sainsbury Scholar Anna Brass’ work Riddled was inaugurated at Una Vetrina in Via del Consolato, Rome.


BSR Fine Arts Adviser Marta Pellerini explains the concept of Una Vetrina, ‘Founded in 2013 by curators Giuseppe Garrera, Gianni Garrera and gallerist Carlo Pratis, Una Vetrina is an ongoing art project inside a window overlooking a tiny street in the city centre.

‘Artworks and contributions by artists, poets, philosophers are displayed inside the vetrina day and night, for the attention – or indifference – of the casual passer-by. The installation changes every week, unannounced, and without aspiring to a specific devoted audience.

‘Rapidity and uncertainty are central to the concept of Una Vetrina, a ‘no-stop’ project consuming words and images’.


Anna says, ‘I often make costumes for my films, but for Una Vetrina I wanted to make a costume that was useless, one that couldn’t be worn. Riddled is a carpet made with a tufting gun; it’s an image of a theatrical costume hung up on a wall: a harlequin pelt, bloodied and full of holes.

limp costume

A preliminary drawing for Riddled by Anna Brass

‘The starting point came from the images of commedia dell’arte characters in Dionisio Minaggio’s Feather Book, which was made in Italy in the early 17th century. One of the characters is Bagatino, who is a version of the harlequin. In Minaggio’s book Bagatino’s costume has polka dots or patches of colour, but in Riddled they’ve become holes and wounds. Whilst I was making the carpet I was thinking about politicians who cultivate an image of buffoonery, and how this can veil something violent’.


Anna’s work will be on display until Thursday 18 April.