Journeys Without End, Being Human at BSR

Earlier in the month, the BSR took part in the international Being Human Festival of the Humanities. The programme, co-curated with Elena Isayev from Exeter, adopted a tripartite structure to respond to the theme of ‘Origins and Endings’ specifically through the lens of journeys.  Throughout the afternoon writers, historians, archaeologists, artists, policy-makers and those who work directly on the borders cross-cutting the routeways conversed and shared. Although not the explicit theme, there was a demonstrable interest in migration and within this a particular focus on the roles artists and participation in art projects can play in narrating and sharing what are often involuntary journeys. We were delighted to welcome two members of the Palermo-based art collective Giocherenda who told us about the games they have devised to engage the communities around them with issues surrounding migration and the individuals who are part of it. The conversations which flowed under the skilful guidance of our discussants – Stephen Milner, Derek Duncan and Charles Tripp, will continue in future events at the BSR and beyond.

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Harriet O’Neill (Assistant Director for the Humanities and Social Sciences)