Opening of the nymphaeum of Q. Mutius at Segni

Since 2013 the British School at Rome has worked in partnership with the Comune di Segni on the excavation and conservation of the nymphaeum of Q. Mutius, a monumental fountain in the town of Segni. This Saturday 20 October we are delighted to celebrate the opening of this monument to the public which will now form part of the archaeological visit to Segni, together with the Porta Saracena and the impressive polygonal walls, the well-preserved Temple of Juno Moneta and the archaeological museum of Segni.

Segni nymphaeum photogrammetry post excavation

Post-excavation photogrammetry of the Segni nymphaeum.

The inauguration will commence at 10.30 a.m. with welcome speeches by Piero Cascioli, Mayor of Segni, Laura Onorati, Dirigente Città Metropolitana, Quirino Briganti, President of the Compagnia dei Lepini, Margherita Eichberg, Soprintendente ABAP Città Metropolitana Roma, Provincia di Viterbo e Etruria Meridionale and the Director of the BSR Professor Stephen Milner.

New protective structure for the nymphaeum at Segni

New protective structure for the nymphaeum at Segni.

Following this there will be brief presentations by Michelangelo Bedini, Fulvio Balzani and Francesco Maria Cifarelli (BSR Research Fellow) about the restoration project of the nymphaeum; by Stephen Kay (BSR Archaeological Officer) and Federica Colaiacomo about the excavation and by Francesco Maria Cifarelli about the architecture and history of this monument from the late Republican period. Visits to the monument will begin at 12.30 with other organised tours at 15.00 and 18.00. We very much hope that many of you can join us too celebrate this occasion.

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Stephen Kay (Archaeology Officer)