Keeping up with the borsisti

As we approach the halfway-point of the January-March period at the BSR, this week we take a look at where some of our new award-holders are up to, and how the city of Rome and living at the BSR have influenced their research and practice so far.

Nicole Moffatt (Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar)


On her research and her time spent at the BSR so far, Nicole said: ‘Connectivity is a modern concept and its meaningful translation to an ancient context – particularly based on documentary evidence – is still an emerging area of research. My ideas on connectivity in the ancient world are changing and developing under the influence of fellow award holders, guest speakers at the BSR seminar series, and visiting members of the greater BSR network –  all who have generously share their own research, perspectives and suggestions on mine across the communal dinning table every day.

‘In a more formal context BSR library (and her wonderful staff), together with the American Academy and the Vatican library have extended my research capabilities and help me to both position it and clarify my thoughts as to its relevance in other areas’.

Jason Blockley (Coleman-Hilton Scholar)


Jason Blockley joins us at the BSR from Sydney, and he has been taking advantage of having Europe on his doorstep, and so far he has travelled to Berlin, Ravenna and London for conferences, museums and site visits as part of his research on his topic, Economies of late antique North Africa.

Neil McNally (Abbey Fellow in Painting)


Neil has been making the most of the abundance of galleries and exhibitions on offer in Rome. Always keeping a keen eye out for news of gallery openings, he reckons that as of yet he has not missed an opening since arriving in Rome! He has been balancing out the contemporary delights of the city’s art scene with visits to many of the city’s historical sites.

Sinta Tantra (The Bridget Riley Fellow)


On her experience of the BSR so far, Sinta commented: ‘As an artist, its been so wonderful speaking to individuals from other disciplines such as history, classics, architecture. Rome is a city filled with the unexpected where layers of history are literally stacked on top of each other. For me, one of the most intriguing sculptures is on Pizza della Minerva where you can see an Egyptian Obelisk from 6th century BC balanced on top of a 17th century carved marble pig-like elephant by Bernini’.

Morgan Gostwyck-Lewis (Scholars’ Prize in Architecture Winner)


Scholars’ prizewinner Morgan Lewis is using his time at the BSR to research Etruscan tombs, and as such has been on numerous trips to ancient towns in the surrounding Lazio countryside, including Tarquinia, Veii and Cerveteri. One of the many perks of a BSR award is being allowed special access to sites that are otherwise closed to the public, all thanks to our wonderful Permissions Officer, Stefania Peterlini.


Ellie Johnson (Administrative Assitant)

All photos by Antonio Palmieri

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