December Mostra 2016 / Meet the Artists… Vivien Zhang

This Friday will see one of the highlights of our calendar, the triannual mostra, open at the British School at Rome. Our six resident artists have been hard at work over the past three months, taking inspiration from the city and all it has to offer. In the run up to the December Mostra opening, we will be posting blogs in which the artists tell us about the basis of their practice, and how being in Rome has contributed to their work.

Vivien Zhang (Abbey Scholar in Painting)


Photo by Antonio Palmieri

Vivien Zhang’s work looks at the idea of repetition and painting as a site for assemblage. Context-specific motifs intersect and interrupt fields of repetition. The juxtaposition and layering of motifs often simulates algorithms found in digital imaging software – an approach influenced by our way of reading and engaging with visual material today. Zhang explores through her works our expanding accessibility to images and information today, our shifting relationship to authorship and our authority over it, and our increasing re-identification as trans-border inhabitants.

Il lavoro di Vivien Zhang esplora l’idea di ripetizione, adottando il dipinto come luogo di assemblaggio. Motivi di contesto specifico si intrecciano e interrompono aree di ripetizioni. La sovrapposizione e la stratificazione di motivi emula gli algoritmi usati dai software delle immagini digitali – un approccio influenzato dal nostro modo di leggere il materiale. Zhang riflette, tramite il suo lavoro, sulla nostra vasta accessibilità ad immagini e informazioni, sul nostro rapporto instabile con l’autorità e sulla nostra ritrovata identità di abitanti transnazionali.

December Mostra will open on Friday 9 December at 18.30.

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 16.30-19.00 until Saturday 17 December.