Behind the scenes in the BSR library

August always heralds in a much quieter time at the BSR; our lecture programme has finished for the academic year, the majority of our award-holders have left and many of the permanent staff choose this month to take their holiday.


With the additional closure of the Library to the public, August also provides the perfect opportunity for the annual Library inventory – over 60,000 volumes checked one by one and it only takes just over a week!

Space is at a premium now and another week is spent moving round kilometres of books to create space for next year’s acquisitions.

Thanks must go to this year’s team who have made this possible and particularly to our colleague Francesca Deli, who masterminds the whole operation!


Left to right: Cecilia Spano, Francesca Deli, Alessia Martella, Cecilia Carponi, Giulio Di Basilio, Stefano Delìa (Matteo Pagano not pictured)

Shelf checking is a two person job: here Stefano reads each book’s call number while Matteo checks it against the record.


Francesca controls the whole operation from her desk in the library office.


We look forward to the library’s reopening in September!


Images taken by Paul Barker and Natalie Arrowsmith

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