A farewell to (most of) our 2015-2016 borsisti

With the end of June comes the departure of our third group of borsisti, only Rachel Adams (Sainsbury Scholar) remains with us until September 2016.

To celebrate the past year we look back at some of the good times had by our award-holders!


October – December 2015


Left to right: Rachel Adams (Sainsbury Scholar in Painting and Sculpture), Ross Taylor (Abbey Scholar in Painting), Mark Kelly (Giles Worsley Rome Fellow), James Ferris (Derek Hill Foundation Scholar), Lincoln Austin (Australia Council Resident), Mandy, Gerrit and Maria Niewöhner (Rome Fellow in Contemporary Art), Emlyn Dodd (Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar), Federico Casari (Rome Fellow), Matthew Hoskin (Ralegh Radford Rome Fellow), Caspar Pearson (Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellow), Catherine Story (Abbey Fellow in Painting), Natasha Adamou (Henry Moore Foundation-BSR Fellow in Sculpture), Jessica Dalton (Rome Fellow) and Teresa Kittler (Rome Fellow)

The academic year was off to a very good start with the arrival of our first fourteen award-holders. During welcome week the borsisti were treated to their first trip – a tour of the Forum Romanum with the one and only Professor Christopher Smith.

We were also glad to welcome back Mark Bradley, Editor of the Papers of the British School at Rome (PBSR), who entertained us with a wonderful lecture entitled ‘Roman noses: smell and the senses in ancient Rome‘ as well as leading a trip to the nearby Ara Pacis.


Resident Senior Scholar, Caspar Pearson (Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellow), also gave a lecture as he neared the end of his three-month residency. The lecture, ‘In the shadow of the dome: Richard Rogers and the urban Renaissance’ was greatly enjoyed and perfectly complemented the organised trip led by Caspar to the Villa Farnesina.

We finished the term on a high as usual with our mostra showing the work of the resident artists. Due to the renovation work taking place in the gallery the exhibition took the form of an ‘open studios’ evening, which allowed each artist to exhibit their work in the location it had been made.


January – March 2016


Left to right: Emlyn Dodd (Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar), Robert Hearn (Rome Awardee), Anne Ryan (Abbey Fellow in Painting), Teresa Kittler (Rome Fellow), Ross Taylor (Abbey Scholar in Painting), Jonas St. Michael (Québec Resident), Matthew Hoskin (Ralegh Radford Rome Fellow), Maria Harvey (Rome Awardee (funded by the Roger and Ingrid Pilkington Charitable Trust)), Rachel Adams (Sainsbury Scholar in Painting and Sculpture), Damien Duffy (Arts Council of Northern Ireland Fellow), Jessica Dalton (Rome Fellow) and Camilla Norman (Coleman-Hilton Scholar (University of Sydney)). Not pictured:  Federico Casari (Rome Fellow) and Michelle Ussher (Australia Council Resident)

The start of the new year saw the addition of a few new award-holders to take the places of those who were only with us for a three-month period.

The first trip of the term was with Ian Haynes, who had previously given a lecture ‘The Archaeology of the Lateran Basilica: a view from below’ in November 2015, so the lucky borsisti were taken round the excavation under the basilica with a man extremely knowledgeable on the subject!

The group was also very excited for the trip to the Mausoleum of Augustus, organised by Stefania Peterlini with an introduction to the site given by one of our resident archaeologists Camilla Norman.

Abbey Scholar Ross Taylor came into his own when he met Andrew Stahl, a former Abbey Scholar, who was visiting the BSR to give an artist’s talk ‘Observe what’s vivid’. The below picture was taken when Ross was giving Andrew a studio visit.

Award-holders Rachel Adams and Ross Taylor also took advantage of their access to the BSR archives to look up some of the treasures housed within!

The March Mostra was exhibited in the Gallery, with a sound piece by Michelle Ussher in the Sainsbury Lecture Theatre.


April – June 2016:


Left to right: Edmund Thomas (Balsdon Fellow), Maureen Carroll (Hugh Last Fellow), Federico Casari (Rome Fellow), Camilla Norman (Coleman-Hilton Scholar (University of Sydney)), Jessica Dalton (Rome Fellow), Teresa Kittler (Rome Fellow), Rachel Adams (Sainsbury Scholar in Painting and Sculpture), Deborah Prior (Helpmann Academy Resident), Margaret Roberts (National Art School Sydney Resident), David Ryan (Abbey Fellow in Painting),  Ross Taylor (Abbey Scholar in Painting), Matthew Hoskin (Ralegh Radford Rome Fellow), Joseph Griffiths (Australia Council Resident) and Damien Duffy (Arts Council of Northern Ireland Fellow)

The term began in April and new and returning borsisti alike enjoyed Rome in the early summer sunshine. Our first trip of the term took advantage of the change in the weather when we were invited to the French Academy located in the picturesque Villa Medici to see some of the restoration works that were being undertaken on their façade and then enjoy the gardens.

The trips to impressive palazzi continued when we were invited to the Palazzo Pamphili on Piazza Navona, now the site of the Brazilian Embassy.

This term also saw a wonderful variety of lectures given by award-holders, including Jessica Dalton and Matthew Hoskin (pictured below left). The range of topics – but consistently high quality – was remarked upon by all who attended.

The final mostra opening took place on 17 June in the gallery, showing a huge selection of work from our seven resident artists.

The BSR has had a great academic year 2015-16 and we wish all of our award-holders the best of luck with everything!

Katherine Paines (Communications and Events Assistant)

Images taken by Damien Duffy, Antonio Palmieri, Roberto Apa, Rachel Adams, Katherine Paines and Lincoln Austin.