Phase three of the Sustainable Building Project: studio renovations complete and work on the west wing begins

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We are now a little more than half-way through the Sustainable Building Project. In (sometimes literally) concrete terms, this means that the roof work on the east and north wings of the building is now complete, and the artists’ studios have new windows and skylights. Further good news is that new hot water heaters have been installed.

Below ground, work continues on remedying the 1960s Library basement, so our periodicals will also have a dry future.

The builders have already begun work on the west wing roof, so we are on track to have a watertight building by the end of the year. For all those former residents who have suffered the occasional leaky ceiling, cold shower or unheated room, this news should give great comfort.

Though not part of our Sustainable Building Project, we have been inspired to use this period of transition to complete two small but important projects. First, we have refurbished the Margary Room in Camerone (archaeology department), creating a new home for the Archaeology Archive and additional study space. Second, we have refreshed the BSR kitchen with new and energy-efficient equipment.