June Mostra/Meet the artists…Ursula Burke

U Burke, "Bruiser", 2014, Parian Porcelain

U Burke, “Bruiser”, 2014, Parian Porcelain


Ursula Burke’s (Arts Council of Northern Ireland Fellow, January – June 2014) work deals with issues of representation and identity within post-conflict Northern Ireland.  Utilising a range of formal techniques drawn from the canon of fine art classicism, she sets up dialogue between idealised versions of society expressed through the classical period and potential constructions of the ideal within contemporary Northern Ireland.

Il lavoro di Ursula Burke (Arts Council of Northern Ireland Fellow, gennaio – giugno 2014) tratta i problemi legati alla rappresentazione e all’identità nel contesto post-conflittuale dell’Irlanda del Nord. Utilizzando diversi medium tratti dai canoni dell’arte classica Burke crea un dialogo tra versioni idealizzate della società del periodo classico e potenziali ricostruzioni dell’ideale nell’Irlanda del Nord di oggi.


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