June Mostra/Meet the artists…Archie Franks

A Franks, "Scotch eggs", 2014, oil on canvas 35x50cm

A Franks, “Scotch eggs”, 2014, oil on canvas 35x50cm


Archie Franks‘ (Sainsbury Scholar in Painting and Sculpture 2013-14) work combines the everyday with the history of European painting.  Motifs of animals and food are a recurring constant, usually portrayed within containers of some sort, like animal cages and kitchen units. The paintings are made using thick juicy paint to embody their decadent nature.

Archie Franks (Sainsbury Scholar in Painting and Sculpture 2013-14) unisce elementi quotidiani con la storia della pittura europea.  Ricorrono motivi di animali e cibo, rappresentati all’interno di contenitori di vario tipo.  I dipinti sono realizzati con dense pennellature che ne enfatizzano la natura decadente.


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