March Mostra/ Meet the artists…Ana Rewakowicz

A Rewakowicz, "Ponte Rotto"

A Rewakowicz, “Ponte Rotto”, 2013

Ana Rewakowicz (Conseil des Arts et des Lettres, Quebec, Resident, January – March 2014) works with inflatable structures in order to explore relations between portable architecture, the body and the environment.  For March Mostra, Rewakowicz presents a visualization of her long-term research and development project that involves the temporary construction of two arches on the earliest known bridge of ancient Rome – Ponte Rotto (Ponte Emilio).  In her installation she uses the technique of laser bending in a fluid with different refraction indices as a drawing medium.

Ana Rewakowicz (Conseil des Arts et des Lettres, Quebec, Resident, gennaio – marzo 2014) lavora con strutture gonfiabili, esplorando il rapporto tra architetture temporanee, il corpo e l’ambiente circostante.  Per March Mostra, Rewakowicz presenta una visualizzazione della sua ricerca e lo sviluppo del progetto che riguarda la ricostruzione temporanea dei due archi del Ponte Rotto (Ponte Emilio).  In questa installazione usa la tecnica del laser bending in un fluido con vari valori refrattari per ricreare un disegno degli archi.


BSR Fine Arts March Mostra opens Friday 14 March 2014 18.30. Dates: 15 – 22 March (excluding Sunday). Hours: 16.30-19.00. Read the press release here or join the Facebook group here.

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